Thursday, October 29, 2009

What's up with the weather????

Isn't that the age old question??? I am confused. Is it gonna be sunny/rainy/hot or cold? I NEVER get it right. Got my winter gear on and it's sunny and 85. THEN thinking I learned something, next day I wear a t-shirt, and I'm about to freeze to death not to mention it's also raining. Right now it's sunny and raining. Go figure!

Got some new additions for the yard, this Better Homes and Gardens collection urn I think it'll look great when the agave in it has grown a bit. Now I just have to find the PERFECT spot for it.

It is nice for a change to go for an early morning stroll and temps being in the 60's. That was a few days ago, THIS morning it was 76. and Sunny rain, yes, it's possible.

Also one of my newest acquisitions. I am thinking I have inadvertently started a new collection.

This is Pinwheel Jasmine.
It smells just as wonderful as all my other Jasmines. See there's that collection. I have Pink, Maids of Orleans, Pinwheel, Star and Madagascar.

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