Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bulbs part deux

Got 12 of these Indian lily's or Camassia leichtlinii- 18-24in tall, 8-12 in spread, supposed to naturalise well. we'll see, but it does look funky


Just because they were on special, I got 10 of these checkered lilies, Fritillaria meleagris...I think they'll probably be annuals for me, but we'll see. They are hardy Zone 3-8

Then I got Anemones. Singles and doubles, multicolor. 110 of them.. Pink Ranunculus (40)
Daffodils, yellow ones, (100), Paperwhites, (40)

Lots of these I ordered from Michigan Bulb Co, and I am impressed at the speed of delivery, from the shipping notice, until they were at my house, didn't take more than 24hrs. They all looked great. Have read some not so great reviews on Dave's garden. But so far I like what I see. Also ordered some Red Fox Veronica's (6plants) came very healthy in a funky plant holder thing that kept everything in place.
Most of the allium came from New Holland Bulb, also super fast shipping, and all the bulbs seem to be healthy.

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