Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hot and muggy this morning. Garden thermometer was at 82degrees at 8am. It is really amazing how fast grass can grow. Yep, MOWED again. That's twice so far this week. The mugginess was awful. camera lens fogged up, and took for forever to aclimatize. Made a really nice picture some point today a coldfront is going to sweep by, and its supposed to bring our temps down to high 70's for the weekend.
After mowing, walked around the yard just to enjoy. A mum is blooming its head off next to a white lantana. Actually all of the lantanas are blooming. I guess they don't appreciate 100+ temps either.
Something has eaten all the leaves of my Penta, and the Lavender Gomphrena are doing well. They really are a tough annual. Gerbera daisies are blooming... it's really like a second spring. Speaking of Spring, Lemon tree is blooming, and a new bloomstalk formed on my Yucca. Yep... In October. Foliage color is starting to turn on the peach and crape myrtles. soom the canopty will be bare.

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