Friday, October 2, 2009

Cold Front Came through...

...didn't bring a lot of rain, just thunder and lightning. That means Puppy entered the complete panicked dog mode, broke the fence, and somehow, squeezed through and out. GREAT... Another thing to fix. Living with dogs can be a challenge, trying to have a nice, or rather decent garden and large dogs, that's frustrating. Here are some examples of our daily struggles.... HOLES...the best ones are made where you don't want them. Under a tree, in your flowerbed, that's a favorite spot to dig. Sitting on, peeing on or ripping plants out of the ground, also something we are dealing with.

All of this are destructive Puppy Examples. Though Kaos and Raven also provides destruction, the little one is the worst. Here you can see some evidence, that the little angel really doesn't care about my flower beds, or my plants for that matter. With his goose (toy of the moment) in between and on, Purple Fountain Grass, Calendula seedlings. Him walking on a Salvia greggi and Canna, and what's left of my newest daylily.

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