Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday....and Sunny...and warm

Got a few 100 bulbs planted. Also planted some gerbera daisies, a Salvia Greggii, and cleaned up. Dh pruned the peach trees. Really can't believe HOW fast they have grown. Then Puppy almost destroyed the Greggii.... I don't know for SURE it was him, but he has a history.
Sitting on Rain lily I was taking pictures off, Sitting in Flower bed, Walking on newly planted Alyssum... Yes he's cute, but.....
It's funny how having multiple dogs, you instantly "know" who did what. Normally I am right, but there is an element of doubt. Greggis are harder to assess. I can ALWAYS tell who was in the Plumbago... Those sticky flowers, SCREAMS I am the one the sat there. It's hard to make me believe that when he has a blue flower stuck to his behind....and no, I don't think the other two are smart enough to "frame" him.

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