Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses....

oh...Guess I ment Salvias.  My partner in Crime and Garden "buddy"  follows me on my daily morning walk around the garden.  Early morning is a peaceful time to see if anything "new" is happening.  My buddy Puppy is always right next to me.  Today, however I looked down and the dog wasn't there.  I called him, to no prevail.  Then I noticed him, next to a patch of Tropical Sage, nose buried within the flowerstalks, sniffing and looking very happy. 
Managed to snap a few pictures, and realized, I don't stop to smell the roses nearly as often as I should.  Now that I am aware of his sniffing prefrences, I notice him stealing sniffs every day...not just from Salvias, but roses as well. 

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