Friday, May 1, 2009

To rain or not to rain

OK, I know we are in desperate need of the wet stuff, and I wouldn't mind this if we were actually getting rain. But, it is NOT raining, yet it's overcast and it looks like its raining. Temperatures were in the 80's again, and I mowed the yard in about 20 min. Haven't edged it yet, guess I'll do that today. Cleaned up some spent blooms from the geraniums, and't wait till it's blooming again.
Noticed one Castor Bean seed has sprouted, about time I planted it about 3weeks ago. Well, I don't really know if it's the Castor Bean. Could be something else, but I think I planted some seeds in and around that area.

Caught this little fella living on a plumbago. It's a Texas Spiny Lizard... Loves the garden see them everywhere. Well I don't usually see them in bushes, usually on branches and rocks catching some sun.

The Moon flower Bush is loaded with buds, but none has opened. Maybe tonight will be the night? Speaking of moon flowers...I have to remember to plant some vines for my arbors...oh and my artichokes...and... aargh I am so behind..HOW did this happen???
I took a gamble this year as well with onion sets, though because of our erratic winter temperatures I did not get the payout I was hoping. Some bolted, but who knew regular onions had such beautiful blooms. Now my mind is spinning, trying to figure out how to make them staples in the garden. In years of setting out early sets, this is the first time an onion has bolted and flowered on me. I might not get any onions out of this, but the flower head is a good 5in diameter...and they are tall about 4ft tall. Don't worry, this only happened to a few...all of the other ones are growing nice bulbs.

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