Thursday, April 30, 2009

I suck at blogging!!!

Here we are, almost 2 years after I started this. Ouch...well my excuse is TIME FLIES, especially when you are planting in the garden. On the bright side, I have learned a LOT!!, Succeeded and failed with a LOT of plants, and the dogs have killed some. Raven by "watering" them an Puppy, for some reason that little dog HAS to sit on plants. When one is crushed, he moves on to the next.

Last spring I FINALLY found a double bridal wreath spirea. For those who know something about me, I love white in the garden, especially at night. Long story short, I wasn't the only one who was excited. Apparently there's nothing more comfortable to sit on than my new double bridal wreath spirea. Sssssshh don't say anything, but I did get some green growth on it this spring, and I hope someone doesn't remember how comfy he was laying on that shrub!

Since it's been a while this is a perfect time for before and afters...
The top one is from May of 2007, and the bottom one the same area in April of 09.

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