Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 15...gotta start somewhere

First Day... wow.. a blank slate.. seems kinda scary. What to add, put in, and not to mention leave out...

Well it's been a gorgeous sunny day.. probably in the mid 90's.. but a slightly high humidity. Peaches are ripe and delicious, that's a fact my 4 leggers agree on. Especially Raven... He LOVES picking peaches..yum..yum...He's not a dog food kinda guy. I don't mind really, what I don't like him for is the use of my plants as substitute fire hydrants. That's what happened to my would have been prized Dahlia. I thought I was in the clear. He kept ignoring the little sprout as it grew, larger and stronger, and then it formed a bud. Still he had NO interest in my precious (for the time being un-named) dahlia. The bud grew larger, and was just about to open, then he discovered it, inaugurating it with a nice spray and subsequently sat on it...I was devastated, but it still had enough strength to flower even though its hugging the ground.

Had more luck with the Nenekazi... I think that bloom is gorgeous, can't really describe it. Everything is growing...well mostly everything, I did lose some plants during "the big chill"

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