Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Got lucky and found a truckload of branches. More twig fences will be put up, and fewer places for the angels to destroy.
Actually took several hours unloading them and grouping them in piles. This is the main fence part pile. There are piles with thicker logs...don't know what I'm gonna do with them yet. Also some itty bitty branches. Might be able to use those for some trellis projects. Have to remember to use annual vines. The branches only last 3-4 years, and then they have to be replaced.

In order to speed the process up, I think I'm gonna try using the nail gun, and not pre drill and then deck screws. Since we've had some rain, and the weeds are flourishing, I got a bit sidetracked, and started weeding. It's great when you can pull the roots so easily.

The moon flower still has buds, but they don't seem interested in opening yet.
Next year I need to stop trying new bulbs, and just get a lot more of these Peruvian daffodils and some more amaryllis. I have tried them, I love them, they are car free and beautiful. I think I'm gonna plant some moon flower vines on this trellis. I am just worried it won't receive enough sun, and that puppy will destroy it. Maybe an early blooming Clematis would do the trick, since the peach tree is after all deciduous.

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