Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's that time of year again...

DAYLILY time. First one opened today, and I see buds all around. First one is just a Stella. Well...wasn't supposed to be a Stella d'Oreo, but that's what happens when you buy daylilies that aren't blooming. Kinda bummed out about that, but I guess all I have to do is move it to a different bed where yellow is more predominant.

I guess they are early this year. The first Stella bloomed 5-12 last year, So I guess they are early this year.

Got startled by the first squirrel I have ever seen at this house. Was trying to snap some pics of the Vitex "Shoal Creek", When he came over the fence next to me. Even though I had the camera in my hand I didn't manage to shoot him. Looked at him for a few seconds before he took off. He was being chased by a birdie.
Doesn't those flower stalks look like weeds??? Well they are not they are Devil's Shoestring Nolina lindheimeriana . If I have done this right, then you can click on that and visit it's info site at

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