Tuesday, May 5, 2009

YES, Yes, Yes... TODAY was the day

Today WAS the day. Isn't it Beautiful??? I am in LOVE. It really is a beautiful flower. Got up early and ran outside to see, and there it was. So I had to run back inside get my camera and come back outside and take some pictures. Running back and forth like this I noticed something else. Was a strange bloom, so after my excitement about the moon flower had worn down a but I went over to look. There it was a bloom on my Pineapple Guava shrub. The first one ever. after inspecting it thoroughly, the shrub as lots of buds and a good 10 blooms on it. I swear, they were not open yesterday. Hopefully this means we'll get pineapple guava FRUITS.
The white in the background is white plumbago.
Might not seem so exciting, but we've had that shrub since the fall of 2006. If it didn't bloom this year, it would have been evicted. Ok that sounds harsh, and I'm not sure if I really would have, but that was the plan.

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