Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally!!!! I think...

and guess what!!!!! The Moon flower is about to open its first bloom....well started opening, just haven't finished.

Got tired of the ratty looking Petunias and decided to chop them back. Should come back to life soon. While I was at i... I decided that the primroses had spread more than I was comfortable with, and I started yanking. I am sure it won't be long til they fill out again. Did get a few surprises. A pink veronica was blooming, hidden in between the mess and there's a bud on a cone flower.


Then I sat and watched as Lizzie the lizard tried to scare me and some birdies off by hissing and doing push ups. Lizzie is hilarious. It felt so nice... That spot under the mesquite trees, seems like there's always a breeze. I nodded of and apparently took an hour long nap...Note to self. I need a chaise lounge there, should me a lot more comfortable napping on.

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