Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Seeds Update.

No sprouts in either of the Delphinium 3L bottles.  This is probably the last time I will try growing them since I have never even seen a sprout.  Ever.

On the 24 pack marked Nasties.
All 6 cells with Balsam, Kaos Mix have sprouted, as well as one Lipstick Pink Nastrium and one  Fordhook Fave Nastrium.  Very disappointed with the Nasties,  they can be a bit finicky here because of our uncertain spring weather.  I probably started them way to late.

The Flat with calendula is doing good, the first seedlings to emerge were the KG variety with the "designer" ones almost a week later. 

Alyssym Flasts KG'12
Unfortunately the flat marked Purple Rounds got flooded.  It completely slipped my mind to bring the flat back into the greenhouse, and several inches of rain later I remembered but it was already flooded as the winds had blown the clear plastic top off.  I did get 5 Millet seedlings so far, other might be hope.
I have however decided that the Jiffy peat pellets I don't like.  Seems like the seeds started in regular seedling mix or the ones using the Burpee pellets are doing much much better.  That's really a bummer because for the first time in years I had been able to  find the Jiffy pellets locally in the smaller size that fits the 72 cell flats. 
All the Alyssum seedlings have been thinned and transplanted to bigger pots.  They are just about ready to go into the garden.  They have also had several watering's with a seaweed mixture.

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