Friday, March 9, 2012

Garden Amaryllis

I love amaryllis.  When that bloom stalk first start to grow.  Oh how excited I get.  I will check on it twice a day in anticipation.  They take a few days and then they look like the picture.  Ready to burst.  These are new this year, and it is always a thrill to see if they are true to the color they were supposed to be.  These two are supposed to be red and white.  I also got a pink one this year.  OK I will buy a pink one every year in hopes that one will actually come up as pink.  They are usually red, though I have had a mostly white one as well.  Another surprise about the mystery amaryllis bulbs is the flower stalk.  I have some tall ones some medium ones, and I also have some that are pretty much blooming on the ground. These seem to be medium-tall.  Can't wait for them to open!!!!

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