Sunday, March 11, 2012

Garden Shed

This is my "new" garden shed.  It's not new, new... I have had it since fall, just slipped my mind.  It's a rustic pine armorie that I weather proofed using Thompson's Water seal, and added Galvanized metal to the roof. 
It looks a lot better than having the "necessities" laying around.  Spare extension cords, oil, gas, pruners, sprayers, etc all fit nicely. 
Both top and bottom cabinet have shelves, and the drawers are nice spots for gloves and weed eater string. 
Because it is nice to look at it doesn't look out of place sitting right of the dining area, and if we were to have a garden party, it could easily be converted into a wine bar, or a place to keep plates and cutlery. 
You have to be creative about an items use. This once housed a TV, and now it has a much more important function.

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