Friday, March 9, 2012

Cold and rain

hyacinth bloom, yes they grow in TX

Yesterday the temperature fell 19 degrees within one hour, and left us with this cold and rainy mess.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.  We NEED the rain...still...desperately...but the cold.  Could definitely do without the cold.  Up til yesterday spring was here.  I guess spring is still here, just a lot colder and wetter.  This is an inside gardening day.  Or trying to resist temptation and make some additional orders.  I prefer mail order bulbs, not  plants.  There is something so special about digging a hole, placing a bulb in it and cover it with soil.  Then as the days go by I walk by and check with an eager anticipation, then one day I see some green...
From that point on it grows daily. Bigger and bigger... then a bud forms and then the reward.  A stunning bloom.  Sigh... that is the reason I love bulbs.  Even though I have heard stories that hyacinths don't come back in TX, I still bought 1 bulb in 2008.  Every February it comes back, its has even multiplied.  From that 1 bulb I planted, I now have 3. Not a great yield, but for a bulb that wasn't supposed to come back at all, I am impressed.  My problem is that by late march, the foliage has  died down, and I forget about it.  Maybe this will be the year I remember to buy more bulbs and plant them.  If not, I'll start seeing you again in January my friend

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