Friday, February 17, 2012

QVC TSV from Robertas Garden

It was not planned, I just like to check QVC right after midnight to see what the TSV (Today's Special Value) will be.  On this faithful night it was Calla lilies.  15 giant calla bulbs to be exact.
As the presentation wore on I scuffed at the remarks from the Roberta's garden rep about how special the "big" ones were and how they were the only ones who had them.  Yeah right.  I bought some years ago from both HD and WM.  As I was about to change the channel the gentleman held up what he claimed to be an example of the bulb they shipped out.  It was big, it was huge...  He showed more and my interest level started to peak.  Most of his claims I took with a grain of salt, but the bulb size was impressive.  The size and quality he claimed would be shipped out was astounding.  Each bulb was the size of 3-5 big box bulbs.
I caved, and ordered two sets.  I have shopped with QVC for a few years and trust that what I saw is  what I will get.
Well that was last night, and today I am struggling with buyers remorse.  I can still cancel...but can't make up my mind. 
A quick search on garden watchdog showed very disappointing reviews.  As were the reviews on QVC.  Still I couldn't get over the size of bulbs shown and my trust in QVC.  Even my garden friends told me they had ordered from RG/QVC and been disappointed.  Told me don't do it, they would never do it again.  The lure of the bulbs had taken a hold.  These were Calla bulbs, and I already have and grow Callas.  So I know they will grow here.  They are perennial for me, no lifting needed.  Digging up bulbs to store/overwinter is something I just won't do.  I am sure that QVC quality control make sure that what you see is what you get.  So when they eventually ship out, I'll see what they are and how they do.  I still don't know why they make us wait so long for the bulbs.  The big box stores have had theirs out since new year, and by late March it's already borderline warm here.  To some probably HOT, anyway by mid March we usually hover around the mid 80's, decide yourself if that is hot or warm.

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