Saturday, February 4, 2012

February is here

as is the itch for bulbs.  Dahlias, freesias, Glads, Peruvian Daffs, lilies.... the list is never ending, and temptation is only a click away. 
On a separate disappointing note, it seems like Connell's Dahlias are out of business.  That's to bad since I wanted to place an order.  I have found some retailers online and I am debating on placing an order or two.
A coldfront swept in and highs has only been in the 50's today.  Another 1+inches of rain last night.  Seems like the weeds are growing with super speeds. Been pulling them for days, seems like it's a never ending cycle.  Lemon trees are starting to bloom, other citrus are budding up, and first blooms appeared on the back Plum tree. 

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