Friday, February 24, 2012

Grapes are easy to propegate.

I just cut some pieces off the vine, and stuck them in a pot.  Now I have 3 more plants, now I just have to find a place to plant them.  Ideally a place where the squirrels can't get to them since they seem to like to eat them when they are ALMOST done. 
Actually most/a lot of plants are very easy to propagate.  Try it yourself, cut of a branch and stick it in the ground, you would be surprised how easy it it.  This also works well with sweet potato vine, tomato plants, some salvias.  Others are more foolproof if you layer them. 
Layering seems difficult but its easy.  Fill a put with potting soil, place it next to the plant you want to propagate, and bend a branch under the soil.  To keep it in place I usually just hold it down with a small rock.  This is a very easy way to make multiple Salvia Greggii's

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