Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, New Hope

That's right... HOPE.  We got some rain in November and December, yard has greened up.  Mostly cool season annual grass and WEEDS.  At least it's green. 
So after replacing the back fence we are ready for a better 2012.  Hopefully thsi will be a good garden year. 
Started off by spraying Dormant Oil on all our fruit trees.  Well almost all.  Didn't spray the citrus and still waiting for the leaves to fall off the apple trees so they can be sprayed.  We are hoping that with some vigilance, THIS will be the year we can get peaches WITHOUT those pesky worms.
The worms are Plum Curculio, and they are a big problem.
Practically all our peaches last year was infested by them.

We are also spraying nematodes.  According to the person we spoke with at the Natural Gardener, Nematodes search the soil for bad bugs and tortures and kill them.  So hopefully these nematodes will search and find the Plum Curlico larvae and kill them. 

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