Saturday, January 14, 2012

I overextended myself with onions

There are a lot more in a bunch than I first thought and planned for.  I assumed 50 plants/bunch, times 7 bunches, for a total of 350 transplants.
The Bonnie Onions didn't disappoint.  Roughly 50/bunch.  However after planting and counting one bunch of Early White, there were 103 onions in that bunch.  In the White Bermuda bunch there were 73 onion transplants.
Now I am left with 4 bunches and most likely a LOT more than 200 onions, and as shown of the garden schematic, not a whole lot of room.  I might have enough room in the three empty beds to fit lose to 200.  The five big beds can hold an average of 100/section and the smaller ones almost 50.  I guess I'll have to squeeze some here, there and everywhere.  An extension might me necessary to fit in other veggies.  Potatoes late this month, as well as lettuces, radishes and collards.  That is just what needs to be planted in January. 
After planting, the seedlings/transplants got watered with a seaweed solution.  They will receive that approximately every two weeks, and some cottonseed meal (8-2-2) to make sure they have food enough to grow delicious

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