Thursday, January 12, 2012


I LOVE onions.  They are great raw, cooked...and makes every meal better.  Not to mention they are the one crop that is practically fool proof.  You plant the transplants/sets in January, and then you harvest in spring/summer.  They don't need much and are easy to place pretty much anywhere.  Walking through my garden, they are everywhere.  Tucked between rosebushes, around citrus, anywhere there's an open spot I plant an onion.
Normally I'll plant two bunches of Bonnie's White onions, one bunch Bonnie's Yellow onion, and on Bonnie's Red onion. There's roughly 50 plants in each bunch. 
This year we went a little kookier than usual.  I did plant one bunch of Bonnie's White onions, though I couldn't justify paying $4/bunch and get multiples.  Well off to a great local nursery we went.  Had to see their selection and pricing before I made up my mind.  Well, they had a much better selection, and an easier to swallow price of $2/bunch. Not only are they cheaper, but this nursery specializes in plant varieties suitable for central TX.

So here's what we got.

2 bunches Texas Early White
1 bunch 1015Y Texas Supersweet
1 bunch White Bermuda
1 bunch Yellow Granex
1 bunch Suothern Belle Red

Needless to say I am very fond of the white onions. Planting will take place this weekend after the freeze is over. 
I also got some lettuce seeds that I will plant along some radishes. 

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