Friday, October 21, 2011

October Garden

It's actually looking better out there.  That's due to the temperatures being much much cooler now.  If I have failed to mentioned it, 2011 is the hottest summer on record.  We had an insane amount of 100+ degree days I think it was around 80...
Still no rain though, so we have made the decision to add gravel.  When it gets cooler we'll cover about 1/2 of the area with decomposed granite.  That way we can have a small lawn area that we'll be able to water.  We as you can imagine, have water restrictions, and that is not a time when having a large yard is fun.  The plumbago does pretty well without a lot of water, and the star of the show would be lantanas.  I did plant some yellow trailing lantanas.  That's right, even though I really don't like yellow flowers, I chose the trailing yellow lantana.  Mostly coz they have done much better around town than the white and lavender ones.  Easy, no fuzz is the way to go!

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