Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rain Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!!

6 months ago I was praying for rain, now I am praying it'll STOP. Enough already. The ground is saturated and has been for a while, and I can hear the painful screams of my plants as they slowly rot away. The worst part is the false hope the weather men always gives me.... There's always sun and mid to high 60's in their forecast. Just doesn't happen. AAAARGH!!!!!!! I want to be able to go outside and start my seeds. Calendulas, Snaps, Stock, poppies, I really want to attempt once again to Lakespur. Tomatoes and other veggies should be started soon....All I want for Christmas is SUN, SUN, SUN, and NORMAL temperatures.

In two weeks 2009 comes to an end. A whole new decade is approaching. Hopefully one that will provide great gardening seasons for me and everyone else.

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