Friday, December 18, 2009


Next is the time I didn't know doomsday(also known as 68, 100+ days were ahead with no rain) was near.  Dahlias were blooming, and at the end of the month I got my IMPROVED camera with ZOOOM.  I became mostly focused with trying to capture birds and butterflies.  Still not very good at it, just as I focus on them, get ready to shoot, they move.  Gardenias were blooming, they like warm days and kinda cool nights, and the smell is heavenly. 
Daylilies started their annual show.  Couldn't wait to get out of bed and check out what was blooming that morning.  Birds chirping, lizzards tanning themselves, and the joys of discovering a new bloom.  One more beautiful than the next.
Peruvian daffodils, with the white S.greggii in thebackground.  I just love that picture.  I need more of those, absolutely fantastic bulb for my south/southwestern garden.  They multiply, just not as fast as I want   Plumbago....Love them White or blue...who doesn't?

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