Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mid December Blues

Yeppers, I've got the blues.  Can you blame me???  This has so far been a VERY unusual December.  Temperatures WAY below average, Cloudy, Rainy, Cold and Foggy.  Nobody likes that, my garden included.We've in 2009 had an exeptional drought, our lake levels are still way lower than normal, but this drizzle doesn't help at all.  Many plants have surcombed to the elements.  Surprisingly, most of the casualties, and oldies.  Not new garden aquisitions, but plants that's even lived through the Icestorms of '05 and '07.
I don't think it was caused by our brief dip below freezing, no.  I think 2 weeks worth of 40's no sun and constant drizzle has caused these to die.  My fairly large Blue agave, no longer have firm branches, they are sluggish, as if filled with liquid. 
There's always next year, and until we get normal weather and sun, there's not much I can do except take my daily walk out to the orange trees, and pick me some yummys.

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