Friday, December 4, 2009

December Snow!!!!

Snow day, snow day... at least that's what the meteorologist want us to believe. Possible 1-4 in of snow. The anticipation was great, and by mid day I did see a flurry.... then a few minutes later another one. I excitingly waited by the window, concentrating , looking , thinking how much fun. It's gonna SNOW, but to no prevail. That was it. 2 snow flurries and it was gone. On the news they reported snow, to the north and south of us. Even Houston got snow. I saw to 2 snow flurries. Does that even count as snow? Probably not. Wouldn't even be able to make the worlds smallest snowman out of that. The rest of the day was chilly, yet sunny and nice. Tried to go outside, dressed in my warmest gear. Picked some Oranges, and went back in. No use to be outside when its THIS cold

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