Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sweet August

Or scorching hot August.  Today the most evil corporation in the world(AT&T)finally showed up to finish the work they started first week of July. 
July 5th a giant hole was dug in our front yard.  The guy from AT&T told me a few days, a week tops.  Well that was a load of manure.  For a month we've had our front yard dug up, a sheet of plywood covering the hole, and the very attractive orange utility fencing.  They even places a note on it.  Work to be completed no later than July 15th 2011.  I guess it took a little bit longer than the few days we were quoted.

I will say the independent contractor that dug the hole was very nice.  As soon as the AT&T tech had finished their work, the hole was filled.  Next day they came back and replaced the sod ruined by plywood and dirt. 


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