Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Soaker hoses

Do you love them or hate them?  I'm kinda on the fence.   During the drought I have used the soakers exclusively in some areas, and the plants seem to get sad quicker than areas I use my small sprinkler on.  Also the small sprinklers only have to be on an area 5-10 min, where as the soaker hoses for well over 30min.
Some seem to work slightly better than others. The smooth ones are still working like they did when I got them last year.   I have found them at the Home Depot. The non- smooth style gets clogged in no time so they are really not cost effective, though they are significantly cheaper than the smooth ones. Either way, in some areas they seem to work, in others, not so much.  I don't think I'll get anymore anytime soon.  Selective watering with the hose and my mini sprinklers seem much more effective.

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