Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another excruciating year it seems.

A guaranteed constant is that time flies. Well in reality, it moves at a steady pace, though you never seem to have enough of it.

After an excruciating cold and dreadful winter, we got to the scorching hot summer. 100+ degrees with no end in sight, and no rain. That's right...nada, zip, zilch.

Over the course of this summer I have come to a conclusion... Rocks ROCK! That's right. They beat the cold, the heat the drought, need no maintenance and no fertilizers or insecticides. Rocks are great.
Texas is in an exceptional drought. Currently the third worst in the history of our great state.
Sadly enough I have decided to "kill" off certain plants. Mainly the ones that need water.
Even the ones with moderate water needs. We'll just stick with the basics. Heat tolerant, drought tolerant AND cold tolerant. That's right. After this awfully cold winter we had, my Aloes and Agaves decided to perish. Really to bad, because I have never watered an agave, so they really would have worked well.
I have been checking the VERY XERIC section at high country gardens.
So much for my love of dahlias. They have all perished in the drought. It is not even possible to water enough IF you left the sprinklers on 24/7. Rainwater is desperately needed, nothing is better than rainwater.

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