Monday, June 28, 2010

What happened to my Lantana love affair?

I used to love them, collect them, treasure them...

now they are forgotten in the garden.  They are fantastic performer's in the garden, comes in all shapes and colors (except blues).  So what's not to like?  I don't know what happened.  They were my first reliable performer's in the garden when I started many years ago.   Maybe they are just too low maintenance to be appreciated? 

While walking through the garden center the other day I thought to myself, "they have nothing special, just a bunch of different Lantanas."

I think I want to re-discover them...What's not to like.  The hotter and drier it gets, the better they perform.  The only plant I know of that's 100% dogproof, butterflies and hummers love them, no need to fertilize or water.  They are really great plants, but WHY, oh Why can't I get excited about them? Why do I strive to grow "high maintenance plants", plants that need constant care ? 

Tomorrow is a new day, and I WILL start to appreciate Lantanas again.

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