Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Hydrengas

9207iBF73B339E8F03979That's right, Bright and early Sunday morning I went to the HD to look for potting soil.  Looked at their plants, and right by the entrance to the garden center a cart with Hydrangeas.  Reduced, and needing a home.  I picked 4,  5gal sized ones, One Glowing Embers, one Queens Lace, and 2 Variegated ones...Also picked up some white plumbagoes... ( haven't seen them for sale in YEARS, and they don't produce babies like the blue variety...)
THEN....I had to see what was going on at LOWES.  Had to get mulch anyway.  Ended up with pentas galore some vincas and lantanas.  50 pentas, 15 white trailing lantana, 30 vincas(white)...I had JUST about caught up with my stash, and now it's refilled.  CGD...compulsive gardening disorder...Yeppers, that's what I got.
The picture is of Merritts Pride... Acquired with another Deja Bloom Saturday.
I have a feeling that the colors listed and the colors I'll get aren't going to be the same.  Merritts Pride, according to the tag, has BRIGHT RED flowers....We'll see

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