Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crazy Aboy Hydrengas


Or absolutely NUTS!! I have always loved the, and never successfully grown them
I think this year things might go differently.  Over the years I have killed many hydrangeas.  Though this year I have gone completely crazy.
The picture is of my "Doublicious" I have bought two of them, one planted in a planter with potting soil, and the color changed from blue to pink.  The other I haven't planted yet, I have to get something to turn the potting soil acidic.  I want BLUE blooms. 
The list of my new acquisitions started with some mailorder hydrangeas.  To think there were none in my garden 4 months ago, and now I have 12 at least. 
6 Blue Moon, 1 Blueberry Parfait, 1 white, 2 Doublicious, 1 Deja Bloom, 1 Glowing Embers... This is the list so far.  I am definitely getting another Deja Bloom, and who knows what else I'll stumble on at the garden center.

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