Sunday, August 22, 2010

Great Garden Plants

Notable plants I will rely on more in the next few years.  These have been doing good in hot hot hot, and dry dry dry conditions.  That makes them perfect Texas garden companions.

Datura...Absolutely LOVE these, and the bonus is that they come back year after year.   I love love love watching these flowers open at dusk.  The hotter it gets the more it grows.  Not really a surprise it does well, since its also known as Jimson's Weed, and Thornapple, and are native to TX.
Perfect for a night garden...they really sparkle in moonlight.

Plumbago.  What's not to love about Plumbago?  I have many of both the blue and white varieties.  I call them the hydrangeas of the west. 

The pale blue or white blooms cover the small shrub, all season long.  Usually they go on and on, just about all year round.  This past year with our terrible winter, most died back to the ground.  The blue ones also produce babies, I haven't gotten any babies of the white one.  Also easy to multiply these by layering. I have never tried them in containers, so I don't really know how they would do.
Picture has a bonus butterfly, and yes, butterflies love to feed on it.
Sweet Potato Vine, however, spreads like wildfire in the ground, definitely a container only plant. Blackie is better behaved, and not as vigorous as Limelight, and Tricolor.  and they are soooooo easy to propagate.  just stick 'em in water and roots form.  I have also stuck them straight into moist potting soil, making sure the soil stays wet/moist for about a week, and then you have a new plant.  Does really well in drought conditions, especially in the I forgot to water my containers for a few days, kinda drought.  I see them around town planted in the ground, and they always look lush.  When I pick garden bouquet, I like to add some sweet potato leafs, gives some great foliage. 
Oh and as a nice bonus, blackie produce pink petunia like flowers, if you're lucky.

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