Saturday, January 30, 2010


I don't like yellow flowers, but I am drawn to them, buy them and plant them in my garden.  They are cheerful, yet clash with the overall look I am going for. 

Here are some of my Yellers.. and WHY they deserve a place in my garden.

Daffodils...It wouldn't be spring without them.  Cheerful sunny faces smiling at you promising warmer temperatures and SPRING.  Every morning in early spring I rush out in the garden to see if any new ones opened.  They bring happiness and warmth, and WHO doesn't like them.

This year I also got yellow pansies and violas, as well as some short yellow snapdragons.  These are not necessary.  Actually in retrospect, I wish I had gotten different colors.....

DAYLILIES...they have the same cheerfulness as Daffs.  At least I do a daily morning walk to see if I have any new blooms.  I have regular daylilies as well as Butterfly Iris Dietes bicolor....Also pale yellow, and their flowers also last only one day.  Until I learned the correct name, I called them Funky daylilies.  I love the texture of the are just a bonus.

Canna...First plants I ever planted in the garden.  Right after we moved in I bought one of every bag of summer bulbs at Home Depot...The only one surviving were these yellow cannas...  Now, they can be found all over the country as I have shared plenty...and all around the garden.  The bright green tropical leaves provides nice texture...and they just have sentimental value

Esperanza/Tecoma stans -Small deciduous tree, blooms NON STOP all summer long.  Regardless of how high the temperatures get and how little rain.  I don't think I ever watered it all summer long in 09, and it was the star attraction of the front yard. 

Bulbine...  I mostly grow it for the foliage.  Great year round structural plant  Spiky medium dark green, about a foot tall.  Get spiky flowers.

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