Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Has arrived

3-10-10 089.jpg

FINALLY..... phew... I was getting worried, but now after almost two weeks of 70's and sun....I am ready to do my happy dance

Warmish temperatures and sun does create another monster.  That would be the QUICK growing grass and weeds.  In the last two weeks I have mowed 4 times.  Normally I like mowing, but I have so many weeds to terminate, and only so much time.  This picture I am embarrassed of. 

I am not even sure you can see the Pansies in between the creepy-crawly Charlie, and other offenders.  I really have to take care of that.  I am sure that as always I would either take care of them, or the summer heat comes along and kills some of them off.

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