Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rain....Rain... Rain...

.....and did I mention rain. I so wish this would have been spread over the summer, but there's always next year. My 1 week tally is close to 7inches. This weeks rainstorms have also brought a cool front, we have temps in the 70's brrrrrr... feels so cool and fall/wintery. Brought out my big jackets for this.
Even the Yuccas are appreciating the cooler temps and sending up flower stalks

Still bummed that the official tally of 100+ days has ended at 68. That's 2 shy of a record and seems like a waste... and no, we don't have to go for a repeat performance next year. I would appreciate a summer where I can go out in the garden for more than 5min intervals.
Back to the rain....its been slow and steady, and the ground is soaking up every drop. Trees that looked half dead a month ago, is now getting fresh foliage. Its like a new beginning.

Since the plumbago had been doing very well despite our deplorable conditions this summer I have spread some babies around. this new rain is helping them adjust to their new homes quickly. I have been thinking and looking for inspiration, browsing the net for cool new plants to add. Have only made some bulb purchases. Daffodils and Alliums...when we get closer to the holiday season, I'll check the stores for some amaryllis. They are really wonderful in the yard.

One thing the summer heat and drought hasn't hurt is the pomegranates. The tree is almost flat to the ground COVERED in fruits. Even had new flowers on one of the trees, wonder if we'll get any fruits from them.

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