Wednesday, June 3, 2009

May recap

Time really flies when you're in the garden. May was a VERY busy month, cleaning, watering, planting and mowing.

Some of the new residents in our yard are:

2 Persinimon trees- one still has to be planted.

1 Avacado tree

10 Pitcher Sages

2 Double Knockouts -one still has to be planted

2 Sunset CF-not planted yet

5 dahlias

1 NewZeland Flax

1 plumbago-tag said dark blue...not so its the regular blue aaargh

3 Hibiscus

1 Daylily...tag said purple, real color is more peach.

From seed


Purple Angeltrumpets

Salvias multiple kinds

Penstemons multiple kinds


We did end up with a small plum harvest. not sure if HARVEST is the correct term, we got 9 plums. They were delicious, and yes they are all gone. Peaches has been VERY disappointing this year. 1 of 5 trees had fruits, and they are all infested with worms, can anyone say yuck@!

Pommegranates seems to be doing good so far, let's hope that continues. A pleasant surprise was the Pineapple Guava, blooming for the first time. We got it in 06 so it's really taken it's time.

Something blew in the air and we've finally gotten rid of the spider mite infestation that happened.

Here's a recepie for Insect control

3 tablespoons liquid soap

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 gallon of water
Again, do not apply in direct sunlight. With oil, it’s better not to apply when temperatures are over 85ยบ.

As for vegetables, banana peppers are doing VERY well. Got some other peppers, tomatoes and eggplants planted, and there are still some that needs to go in the ground.

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